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about me

I'm a creative product leader based in NYC with years of experience building product with individuals and teams at both large and small organizations.  I am inspired by storytelling, creating concepts and leading brands to identify, strategize and execute their vision. 

a little

a lot

  • i was adopted in oregon at 7 weeks old and when i was 2, my family moved to kenya🇰🇪 and later tanzania🇹🇿.

  • i returned to the oregon when i was 9...culture shock!

  • i met my (now) husband in 7th grade algebra class.

  • i moved across the country for college in upstate ny and started my career at ralph lauren in sweater design--a great foundation for learning the fashion industry.

  • i moved to los angeles to work for bcbg on their runway collection, i spent a lot of time on the 10 freeway, at dye houses, costume shops and in the sample room! A+ on the weather!

  • i moved to seattle--it’s not as rainy🌧️ as they say. i worked at cutter & buck on their golf, sportswear and corporate lines;

  • i traveled A LOT.          domestically and internationally while leading teams to build apparel from concept through manufacture.

  • i got married to my (now) husband and had a child!

  • i moved back to brooklyn and back to ralph lauren.

  • i worked for the met--buying and creating product inspired by the museum experience.

  • i led development of consumer products for e-sports start-up andbox (now nyxl)

  • i’ve consulted for companies since 2019 in the areas of design, trend, research, development, creative and brand--check out some of those projects here

  • i’m passionate about helping brands achieve growth through concept and storytelling.

  • i have a strong interest in ui ux principles and incorporate into my process while consistently analyzing development from a cross functional perspective.

  • i’m an introvert but like leading teams--i am an empathetic listener and support for reports and peers.

  • i like making art in my free time while trying to become a master painter🎨 on a fixer upper house🏠.

  • i’m a sucker for a good teen show or sports movie--never have i ever, beckham on netflix, anyone?

  • i enjoy travel planning and sitting on a beach or exploring with my family--favorites: cambodia and rome.

  • i have a more traditional resume if you prefer.

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