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I researched, designed, and developed consumer products and streetwear apparel for the fan base of Andbox (now NYXL), an NYC-based e-sports organization with Call of Duty, Overwatch and Valorant teams. As part of an early-stage start-up, I ensured that our product line was on-trend by using influencer capsules and quick-turn products, while also staying aligned with the company's vision and direction.


Design and Creative

Product Management

Product Development

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Ceez Noriega, also known by the player name CDNthe3rd, began his career as a Fortnite player but later shifted his focus to Valorant when we collaborated with him. Ceez is well-known for his positivity and authenticity, and we worked to incorporate these elements into his capsule collections.

For this Ceez capsule, we drew inspiration from his love for the tri-state area and a street art/graffiti theme. We used well-known Ceez Emotes and integrated them into collage art and script. Since Ceez streams late at night, we used hints of neon and red as pop colors, while white, black, and grey served as the primary color palette.



Jong-ryeol "Saebyeolbe" Park, who is also known as SBB, was a member of our Overwatch Team and considered one of the best Tracerworld. Our concept was inspired by SBB's home country of Korea and the significance of cherry blossom flowers in May, which is also the month of our launch. We created a custom fragrance, candle, and various limited edition items for SBB's Capsule collection. To match our players in the  Overwatch Team (NYXL) colors, we chose colors in blues and added cherry blossom pinks to complete the palette.

AB001 and AB002 were our launch seasons at Andbox. We created a variety of products at different price points to cater to a wide range of customers.


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